Helen Scheuerer, author of Heart of Mist

Claire Bradshaw's recent proofreading work on my bestselling novel, Heart of Mist, left me speechless. Her masterful attention to detail, her considerate feedback and her professionalism is exactly what an author needs throughout the editing process. 

I've been recommending Claire to numerous authors who seek editorial support ever since, and will continue to do so. She's simply outstanding. I'll certainly be commissioning her to work on the rest of my series as well.


Ross Kingston, author of The Elemental Chronicles: Awakening

When I first started looking for a proofreader it felt pretty harrowing. I'd already had my book edited twice and now I was searching for a proofreader I could trust. 

Well, I found her. 

Claire Bradshaw was unreal. Not only did she supply me with an accurate quote, she also turned over the work well in advance of her quoted time frame. 

But what I'd really like to focus on, however, is how professional she was during the process while maintaining an accessible air about herself. I never felt out of my depth and I even learnt a lot just from her notes. 

The document she returned was exceedingly easy to sift through and enact changes. She even managed to catch a couple of things that helped sustain the reader's immersion, often eliminating tiny things that might be jarring to a reader. 

I've gone from being hesitant to lock down a proofreader to knowing Claire will be the first one I will be asking after for my second book. 

Looking for a proofreader who will go above and beyond? Just hire Claire already. I cannot recommend her enough.


Kate Austen, Communications Coordinator, Hunter Valley Care

For the last four years, Claire Bradshaw has been editing and proofreading our bi-monthly 48-page magazine, website content and various other communications, saving us many embarrassing faux pas!

When feeling deadline pressure it's so easy to make mistakes, and it's far better for Claire to pick them up before publication than to find them afterwards. She is accurate, cost-effective, very fast, and keeps us looking professional.